Fyodor Plaksin

Fyodor prepares the company's subdivisions for opening in new cities and countries.

Before his military service, Fyodor worked at a bank. When he returned, he found that most of the bank’s employees had been laid off because of the financial crisis. He began looking for a job and saw a vacancy for a manager at the Maxim taxi ordering service. Fyodor submitted his resume and soon began to work.

In half a year, Fyodor was promoted and became the head of subdivision. The personnel training system was just being developed at that time, so he had to rely on his instincts, but he did receive support from the Regional Directorate. Step by step, the young boss recruited managers and focused his team on achieving results.

The business grew successfully in the city, becoming popular among passengers and drivers. Then Fyodor was offered the position of Deputy Director of Regional Development at company headquarters. At first, he felt nervous about the move, wondering how he would be accepted by his new colleagues. But he adapted rather quickly:

“I thought that if I declined, I would later regret it. I would always be able to return, but being able to try my hand at a new position — that’s interesting. I was accepted perfectly well. In a month, I had already settled into the job. The colleagues gave me tips on how to work out a business strategy and manage my time properly. They helped me with everything.”

Now Fyodor not only interacts as an equal peer with people who mentored him some time ago, but also gives them advice. The experience he gained let him work on a strategically important area — preparing subdivisions for opening in new cities and countries. And that’s only the start for this good specialist:

"I understand that I can achieve more. I intentionally take extra work, look for new goals and initiatives, and try to involve myself in different ways. Another interesting aspect of my work is my business trips to other cities. I've traveled all over Russia — from Sochi to Chita."

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