Denis Fedyayev

Business development specialist for several cities.

Denis worked in retail as head of sales department for a major company. One day he decided to look for a new job with more opportunities for fulfillment. That’s when he saw a job vacancy at the Maxim taxi ordering service, which needed a head of the office to begin operations in the city. At that time, he had no experience in the taxi industry.

"At first, I thought it was just another taxi service, without much difference from others that had a small office with dispatchers and taxi drivers. When I learned that it was a modern, state-of-the-art, and world-class company, I immediately wanted to work there. I submitted my resume, met for an interview, and got the job!" says Denis.

Our training system helped Denis quickly get into the swing of the work, open the office and hire managers. In a month, they fulfilled about a thousand orders in the city! Soon Denis was invited to open an office at the other end of the country. It wasn't difficult to get settled in the new city, since he knew exactly what to do and what kind of employees he needed. All of this made it possible to hit the ground running.

"When you’re passionate about what you do, when your eyes shine, your work becomes not a hobby, but a way of life,” says Denis. “I always advise my new employees to learn to think outside the box, challenge the stereotypes, and not be afraid of taking action."

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