Kseniya Tsynchenko

Head of the second largest branch of our international call center.

Ksenia worked at a travel agency and became a part-time manager at one of our offices. In two years, she began managing the subdivision.

She is not the first female leader. Another woman managed the office before Kseniya. Most regional managers are men, but they also include many women who are successfully growing the service in their cities.

"My experience shows that drivers control their emotions in front of a woman, making it easier to reach an agreement and resolve problems," says Kseniya.

Kseniya worked concurrently as head of the subdivision and head of the call center for some time. When it became necessary to increase the number of call center operators to handle orders from all over the country, she concentrated on this task. Another woman assumed the position of subdivision manager.

Now the call center managed by Kseniya is Russia’s second biggest branch of the largest call center specialized in receiving taxi orders in Russia.

"My job lets me learn something new, interact with extraordinary people, and gain interesting experience," says Kseniya. "When you start analyzing and remembering how it all began, and what you’ve achieved, you realize that the opportunities for young employees are tremendous here."

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